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Today we’re excited to announce that stakedXZC will go live on Ethereum on the 30th of October. On top of this we’re introducing The Hunt to give you, the early adopters a reward for coming on this journey with us.

Back in September we announced our partnership with ZCoin to give holders of XZC access to the exponentially growing DeFi ecosystem and give instant liquidity and reward opportunities to members of the ZCoin community — you can learn more about how we achieve this here.

Since then we’ve worked hard with our partners at Copper, Allnodes and Altcoinomy to build a highly secure tokenized staking platform. …

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StakeHound partners with DASH NEXT and Dash Core Group to offer DASH users access to DeFi applications while earning staking rewards. With stakedDASH hitting the market later this year StakeHound will connect two ecosystems and open a gateway for liquidity flow.

Today we are happy to announce a partnership between DASH and StakeHound that aims to create and promote the stakedDASH token. StakedDASH will become an essential bridge between DASH and Ethereum DeFi ecosystems. Newly launched stakedDASH will allow DASH holders to generate additional yield through major DeFi applications while at the same time continue receiving stable staking rewards.

“With DeFi, different Blockchains are finally coming together. I am very excited about this partnership as it provides DASH users the benefits of DeFi applications such as lending or borrowing, and Ethereum users with an easy way to use DASH’s established global payment…

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To provide secure and reliable service, StakeHound’s main priority was to establish a strong infrastructure around stakedTokens. Our partnership with Copper completes this mission with end-to-end secure custody architecture for all the stakedTokens.

StakeHound eliminates the competition between staking and DeFi by enabling users to profit from the stable staking rewards of the original tokens and participating in DeFi with their wrapped ERC-20 version. In other words StakeHound provides users with a ERC-20 wrapped version of the original tokens such as XZC or XEM which can be immediately used in DeFi applications. …

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