Join the first StakeHound Hunt with stakedXZC!

Be the first to get stakedXZC and earn HOUND tokens

Today we’re excited to announce that stakedXZC will go live on Ethereum on the 30th of October. On top of this we’re introducing The Hunt to give you, the early adopters a reward for coming on this journey with us.

Back in September we announced our partnership with ZCoin to give holders of XZC access to the exponentially growing DeFi ecosystem and give instant liquidity and reward opportunities to members of the ZCoin community — you can learn more about how we achieve this here.

Since then we’ve worked hard with our partners at Copper, Allnodes and Altcoinomy to build a highly secure tokenized staking platform.

You can earn rewards by onboarding your ZCoin onto the StakeHound platform and becoming one of the first owners of stakedXZC.

To participate, all you need to do is fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you.


The token will be distributed to early participants and liquidity providers through a number of yield farming programs, starting with the StakeHound Hunt.

The HOUND token will go live in Q1 2021 and we’ll be sharing a lot more details on this in the coming weeks.

The Hunt

We highly value the support of our community! That’s why we want to reward your commitment with HOUND tokens, which will be released in Q1 2021. And that’s why we’ve created The Hunt — a limited period of time when you can acquire stakedTokens before they’re released and get an even higher HOUND token allocation.

There are multiple opportunities to maximize your HOUND reward so let’s give it a closer look:

  1. Hound Fan (1 x Bonus)
    Acquire any stakedToken directly on StakeHound before the launch of the HOUND token in Q1 2021 to become a Hound Fan and get HOUND tokens. Specific details on the allocations will be released soon, but they will be proportional to the percentage of total stakedTokens purchased.
  2. Hound Master (+0.2 Bonus per Hunt)
    Acquire any amount of stakedTokens during The Hunt phase to increase your HOUND Token multiplier by 0.2. Keep increasing the multiplier by participating in multiple Hunts. The Hunt for the stakedXZC is running from 23rd till 30th of October! Don’t miss it!
  3. Hound Hero (+0.5 Bonus)
    Participate in every StakeHound Hunt before the launch of the HOUND token in Q1 2021 to increase your multiplier by an extra 0.5x

The earlier you do this, the bigger the reward.

How to participate

You will start earning your StakeHound Hunt rewards from the moment your onboarding process is complete and you’ve sent the funds. Users that decide to trade their stakedXZC for XZC before distribution will not be eligible.


We hope that with the HOUND token and The StakeHound Hunt we can give you a chance to be a part of this journey

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