Join us in the next Hunt with stakedXEM!

StakeHound in collaboration with NEM Group presents stakedXEM

StakeHound and NEM Group have joined forces to launch stakedXEM in order to improve XEM’s liquidity and unleash it to access the booming DeFi ecosystem.

Today, we are excited to announce that stakedXEM will go live on Ethereum on the 7th of December 2020. On that date, stakedXEM will be distributed to all those who participated in the Hunt and will create the first bridge between NEM and the DeFi space.

Simply by holding stakedXEM, you will earn staking rewards without minimum amounts or technical requirements. In the meantime, you will be able to earn fees by providing liquidity on exchanges such as Uniswap, leverage your positions by borrowing against stakedXEM and make use of all the financial legos that are being built on top of Ethereum.

Albert Castellana:StakeHound’s core value proposition is to allow users to earn both from Staking and DeFi, democratizing staking, making it free of constraints and opening it to all the opportunities that are being created in decentralized finance.”

The stakedXEM HUNT is on!

While the launch is set on 7th of December, the process for acquiring stakedXEM is starting today with a special event: the HUNT. Join early to earn HOUND tokens, participate in The Hunt to get a bonus.

We highly value the support of our community! That’s why we want to reward your commitment with HOUND tokens, that will be released in Q1 2021. And that’s why we’ve created The Hunt — a limited period of time when you can acquire stakedTokens before they’re released and get an even higher HOUND token allocation.

There are multiple opportunities to maximize your HOUND reward so let’s give it a closer look:

  • Hound Fan (1 x Bonus)

Acquire any stakedToken directly on StakeHound before the launch of the HOUND token in Q1 2021 to become a Hound Fan and get HOUND tokens.

  • Hound Master (+0.2 Bonus per Hunt)

Acquire any amount of stakedTokens during The Hunt phase to increase your HOUND Token multiplier by additional 0.2.

  • Hound Hero (+0.5 Bonus)

Participate in multiple StakeHound Hunts before the launch of the HOUND token in Q1 2021 to increase your multiplier by extra 0.5x

Become an early supporter of the StakeHound ecosystem and get free HOUND tokens by onboarding the XEM token within the mentioned time frame.

Join the stakedXEM HUNT now! Where to start?

The process of acquiring the stakedXEM is simple and secure. Any interested participant will be able to send unstaked XEM coins to StakeHound and receive the same number of stakedXEM ERC20 by the token launch on the 7th of December 2020.

Get onboard today and receive up to 50% extra HOUNDs for participating in the HUNT for stakedXEM!

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