StakeHound’s partnership with Copper is the third out of three pillars of the stakedTokens’ infrastructure.

To provide secure and reliable service, StakeHound’s main priority was to establish a strong infrastructure around stakedTokens. Our partnership with Copper completes this mission with end-to-end secure custody architecture for all the stakedTokens.

StakeHound eliminates the competition between staking and DeFi by enabling users to profit from the stable staking rewards of the original tokens and participating in DeFi with their wrapped ERC-20 version. In other words StakeHound provides users with a ERC-20 wrapped version of the original tokens such as XZC or XEM which can be immediately used in DeFi applications. Original tokens are staked in the pool, and StakeHound distributes staking rewards directly to users as additional stakedTokens on the regular basis. And we are excited to join forces with Copper to ensure secure transmission of original tokens to and from StakeHound platform.

StakeHound & Copper Partnership

From the very first moment we at StakeHound realized that to offer best in class service we must build an efficient and secure infrastructure supporting stakedTokens. StakeHound’s solution for staking and DeFi stands on three pillars one of which is a secure and seamless transmission of funds with a trusted custodian. That’s why one of the first partnerships StakeHound formed was with Copper — Best Digital Asset Custodian 2019 and 2020 according to HFM Awards.

This Partnership allows all our users rest assured that when they transfer to StakeHound their original PoS tokens, those are processed by the expert and secure custody professionals at Copper.

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO of Copper, added:With a market cap exceeding $12 billion dollars, DeFi has become the fastest growing sector in the blockchain space — necessitating an independent, trusted, and secure custody solution. Partnering with StakeHound enables us to bring increased security and efficiency to this space, allowing investors to keep their minds focused on market performance, while we take care of the seamless transmission of tokens to and from the StakeHound platform.”

Why Copper

Copper’s award-winning custody application is underpinned by multi-party computation cryptography, and uses zero-knowledge proofs to facilitate online communication between key shards. What does that mean? It means your assets are very, very, secure.

On top of that, Copper is insured with a crime policy brokered by Aon in London and underwritten by some of the largest insurers in the Lloyds of London market.

Copper is trusted by some of the biggest institutional investors in crypto because of its reputation for security, professionalism, and efficiency.

“Ask me Anything” session with Copper

We are happy to work together with Copper to make sure all StakeHound users can benefit from the stakedTokens without worrying for the security of their original tokens .

At the same time we understand that you might have questions to ask . That’s why mark your calendar for the 5th of November as we will be hosting a StakeHound AMA session led by Albert Castellana, CEO of StakeHound welcoming Katrina Daminova, Head of Product at Copper. Live interview will start at 12pm CEST and will be streamed on StakeHound Facebook Page. And as always Katrina will be joining StakeHound Telegram group to answer more of your questions after the interview ends! There is still time, but you can start submitting your questions in StakeHound Telegram Group any time before the session actually starts with a #AMACopper.

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